The Theory of Multidimensional Reality is the world’s first purely information theory of existence. It states that matter is not the dominant thing in our Universe, but rather the information that creates our matter world. This book is the culmination of 40 years of study resulting in logical explanations for the hardest phenomena known. This is the third iteration of the theory. The author first presented the theory in his first book, Reality Revealed, the Theory of Multidimensional Reality in 1977. He further refined the theory in the 2007 book God’s Day of Judgment, the Real Cause of Global Warming. That book used the theory to explain what causes the geomagnetic reversals and why they precede the ice ages. Also in that book is the exact number of years between reversals and that a clock cycle in the Universe causes the geomagnetic reversals.


The theory is able to explain the most difficult phenomena using the same philosophic framework. His friend who is a physicist, told him, after reading my second book on the subject, that I had discovered the philosophy that string theorists have been looking for. The theory does much more. It unites parts of quantum mechanics with parts of string theory. It does it by first assuming that the universe is the product of information and the information forms the matter world we live in

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Defining the Problem and Recognizing there is a Problem  3

Chapter 2 The Theory of Multidimensional Reality  17

Chapter 3 The Atom and how it is created  51

Chapter 4 Why was the Universe created? 77

Appendix A Table of Stars 85

Appendix B The elements Spectral Lines 91

Appendix C Spectral lines of the Carbon Atom 97

Appendix D Unusual proof of the Carrier wave 99

Theory of Multidimensional Reality

ISBN #: 9780930808105, 100 pages.