There is going to be a geomagnetic reversal on October 16, 2046. On that day hopefully man will be prepared and survive it. The following science books might help understand what and why it will happen.

The Theory of Multidimensional  Reality

By Douglas B. Vogt (ISBN # 9780930808105)

Is the third iteration of the theory and further refinement. It is the only information theory of existence that can explain all the phenomena know. The Library of Congress classified it Q175 .V6384, which is philosophy of science. 100 pages, paperback, $17.95. Also available as an eBook from

God’s Day of Judgment - The Real Cause of Global Warming

By Douglas B. Vogt  (ISBN 9780930808082, 2007)

The Real Cause of Global Warming was the second iteration of the theory. The book proved that a 12,068-year clock cycle was the real cause of the polar reversals and the resulting ice ages, mass extinctions, creation of new species and many other phenomena. Anthropologists have estimated that only about 30 fertile females survived the end of the last ice age, that is at extension level. It also showed the connection between the Torah and the science presented within. Also covered are some of the discoveries made by the author, during his three Sinai expeditions. LC #Q175.V6375, Philosophy of Science and Religion Philosophy, 475 pages, paperback  $19.95, hardcover $29.95.

Reality Revealed - The Theory of Multidimensional Reality

By Douglas B. Vogt 
ISBN # 9780930808013) 

This book was released in 1978 and sold out by 1981. The book was originally cataloged by the Library of Congress (LC) BF1031.V64 Psychical Research even though only one chapter covered psychic explanations. On April 4, 1994 one of the US intelligence agencies reclassified the book Q175.V538 Philosophy of Science. This book is the first time in history anyone developed an information theory of existence. The Theory was key to prove what caused the geomagnetic reversals (polar reversals) and the resulting ice ages. The book also connected the mythologies from around the world that also knew something terrible happened to their ancestors a very long time ago. 460 pages, hardcover and PDF format.

Gravitational Mystery Spots of The United States 

By Douglas B. Vogt (ISBN # 9780930808044) 

The first book that scientifically explains the gravitational anomalies found in the United States. Find out why it takes greater force to push a weight towards the center of the vortex than away. Find out why trees bend inside the vortex, and why objects and people get smaller when walking towards the vortex. The book demonstrats a number of time experiments done at various locations. 82 pages, paperback, $14.95, LC # QB337.5.U5V64, 1996.


What we publish and why we publish it

The books we publish are trying to fix thousands of years of false history imposed upon man by rich and powerful families. Man has to be able to proceed ahead unfettered by these lies and other fictional stories. Our science books introduce an alternate view of existence, which states that the Universe is the product of information and matter is not the dominant thing in the Universe.