HISTORY — NOT PROPHECY! Nostradamus the Jew is the only book among thousands on the subject that shows Nostradamus was not trying to predict the future. Rather, he was desperately trying to preserve history hidden by the Catholic Church. During Nostradamus’ lifetime Pope Julius III instigated widespread burnings of certain books. Nostradamus avowed that he himself had certain books—books so dangerous Nostradamus burned them! He insisted that he based his “prophetic” Centuries on these same dangerous “volumes” he burned.

What was so dangerous that Nostradamus knew?

Nostradamus the Jew reveals that Nostradamus, who was a medical doctor, actually identified and named the drug that could have made Jesus appear to be dead on the Cross—when He was still alive—and connects the drug with “someone who comes out from the tomb.” Nostradamus shows why the fish—not the Cross—was the original symbol of Christianity. He indicates the truth about the power vacuum that led to the Crusades. He even knows what prompted the Mongol invasions that ended the Crusades.


We learn of a powerful and well-known empire in the East, which has been underestimated by many scholars. Nostradamus teaches us about the origins of mysterious alphabets preserved by the Irish. We learn dark secrets of King David’s noble and holy blood, fathom the depths of the original Romantic gallantry, and discover the previously unknown roots of Provençal troubadour poetic style—all through the guidance of Nostradamus.

Nostradamus shows us infinitely more about what came before him than he ever did concerning what came after him!

After 450 years, Nostradamus has triumphed in this sensational book, Nostradamus the Jew. He has won his war with Pope Julius. The secrets of history he strove to preserve are finally available to all. History—not prophecy: that is the message of Nostradamus.

Table of Contents

Author's Note 1

The Enigma 4

The Methodology 7

The years 1290 and 700 11

The Marrons 15

The City of the Lord and a Blind Spot 21

The Theme of "Eyes Gouged Out" 24

The Fishing Boat 28

The Debates 33

The Fleet 35

The Willing Blow 39

The Gaellic Ogmios and a Bigot 42

The Great People 48

Another Enigma 54

An Absence of Evidenc 57

Romanticism and the Troubadours 61

Gallantry 66

Clan of Albi 72

Love Poems from Spain 77

Two More Spanish Troubadoure 81

Politices 85

Words, a Name and Air Warfare 88

Nostradamus and the Jesus Code 94

Afterword 105

Bibliography 109

Footnotes 113

Nostradamus the Jew