We try to publish subjects that have a major impact on civilization or its institutions. We publish books about original discoveries in science, religion, and history. More than not they overlap. Our books on Bible study are a secular presentation so both Jewish and Christian readers can learn from what is presented.

Moses and the Ten Code Systems

By Douglas B. Vogt (ISBN # 9780930808129) 

The author, Douglas Vogt, was the first person in 2600 years to discover the real Mount Sinai and all the altars Moses mentions in Exodus. This book covers the ten code systems Moses used to write the surface story of the Torah. The reason the author calls it a “surface story” is because Moses tells us that he retrieved the two tablets that had the words of God and the writing of God on them. That means he did not design the letters or the sequence of the symbols on the tablets. Most of these code systems had not been known since the first Temple period. It is an important research tool for anyone studying the Torah and the rest of the Hebrew Scriptures to understand what the writers were really saying. The dedicated book page has a list of the ten code systems listed in the table of contents. There is an eleventh system but that turned out to be God’s own system that the author discovered by accident. That may be the scariest of all because there is one thing to theorize there is a God. There is another to see hard proof there is a God and he makes events happen when He wants to prove of His existence. BS1191.v64, 112 pgs., paperback, $17.95. eBook available on for $4.95.

Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet

By Douglas B. Vogt (ISBN 9780930808143) 

The Library of Congress correctly indexed this book QA76.889 V64 which is Quantum Computing. This book proves what the Torah actually is. Moses told us that the two tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God. That means Moses did not create the design of the 22 letters on the two tablets. He used the design of the 22 symbols as an alphabet by giving them sound values. The result of his actions was that the Hebrew alphabet was the world’s first alphabet. This alphabet is the first physical evidence we have that a very highly advanced previous civilization once lived on Earth.

In order for the author to figure this out he had to have developed his Theory of Multidimensional Reality first. The creators of these 22 symbols had the same philosophy of science as he developed otherwise he never could have figured it out. As it was it took him seven years figure out the positions of all the letters. Once you understand what the author has discovered you immediately realize the entire surface story of the Torah disappears. The only part that has any relevance is the Garden of Ede story because that is where Moses was telling us who the people were who created those tablets and what they did. 114 pages, $17.95 paperback. eBook available at for $4.95.

Volume I, From Abraham to Jacob - Decoding the Hebrew Scriptures

By Douglas B. Vogt (ISBN # 9780930808167) 

Volume I covers the following subjects: The real age of Abram and Sarai when they left Haran. The real reason the Egyptian Pharaoh and the King of Gerar gave Abram servants, animals, gold or silver for his sister. When and the reason why Abraham really moved to Gerar and purchased the cave of Machpelah. The coded names, Moses created to give clues about Mount Sinai. How much Moses knew about the history of Abraham. The real reason Abraham wanted to purchase the cave of Machpelah and what was in it. This volume also covers how the Ark of the Covenant worked and what was the function of the Tabernacle; how the Rod of God worked and how the commands were given to the Rod of God to perform the signs. The Rod was actually an artifact from a very advanced previous civilization. LC #BS1178.H4 v64, 2016 152 pages, paperback, $17.95, eBook is available at

Volume II, Joseph and Slavery for the Hebrews - Decoding the Hebrew Scriptures

By Douglas B. Vogt (ISBN # 9780930808181)

Volume II covers what really was the gift that Jacob gave Joseph, why Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery and who Joseph was in Egypt. It also covers who was the person who purchased Joseph as a servant and plaything. Why he chose the Egyptian name he did, what he did with some of the gold he received for the sale of the grain and where he put it. Also covered is who were the Ephraimites and why did some of them morph into another tribal identity. Who was Aaron and Moses really related to, and finally why did eleven of the original twelve tribes become slaves.
The book covers Egyptian history and who the was Pharaoh that made Joseph prime minister of Egypt, who was the Pharaoh who enslaved eleven of the Hebrew tribes and why the pharaoh did it. The author explains why Joseph told his brothers “God has made me father to pharaoh.” LC # BS580.J6 V64 2016, 108 pages, paperback, $17.95. eBook available ia available at

Nostradamus - Revealer of Lost History

By Grant Edwards (ISBN # 9780930808099) 

This is the only book among the hundreds that shows Nostradamus was not trying to predict the future. Rather, he was desperately trying to preserve history hidden by the Catholic Church. During Nostradamus’ lifetime Pope Julius III instigated widespread burnings of certain books. Nostradamus avowed that he himself had certain books—books so dangerous Nostradamus burned them! He insisted that he based his “prophetic” Centuries on these same dangerous “volumes” he burned. 110 pages, paperback, $17.95, LC # BF1815.N8E39 2008. eBook available on for $4.95.


What we publish and why we publish it

The books we publish are trying to fix thousands of years of false history imposed upon man by rich and powerful families. Man has to be able to proceed ahead unfettered by these lies and other fictional stories. Our science books introduce an alternate view of existence, which states that the Universe is the product of information and matter is not the dominant thing in the Universe.