There is a reason Moses had to create code systems when he wrote the surface story of the Torah. Moses tells us in Exodus 32:16 that “the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God” That means he was stuck with a sequence of 304,805 symbols (letters) that he could not change, add or subtract. Therefore, in order for Moses to tell the whole story he had to create ten code systems. Two of these code systems you cannot discover unless you come in through the sciences. For the first time in history these ten code systems are being revealed. I can state without equivocation that you cannot figure out the Torah unless you come in through the science side of it.

The code systems have to be known in order to uncover the short hidden stories Moses encoded in the Torah, and some of the codes have not been known for over 2,600 years. The code systems reveal the following: who Joseph was in Egypt; who purchased him for a slave; what he did in Egypt as prime minister; who was married to him; the location of the real Mount Sinai; the number of years between polar (geomagnetic) reversals, and much more. The author, Douglas Vogt, is the first person in 2,600-years to discover the real Mount Sinai and all the altars Moses describes in Exodus. He is also the only one since the First Temple period to discover the model that created the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.


Most students in secular universities, as well as religious seminaries are not taught about code systems within ancient writings. Instructors teach the surface history from textbooks that usually do not deviate from the “acceptable theories” of history or archeology. Sometimes a scholar will give one of his or her prize student some clues or hints that there is some code system within a particular work, but this is very rare. More often than not the professor does not know of them either.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 How You Should Look at the Torah 1

Chapter 2 Hebrew Large Numbering and Small Numbering 11

Chapter 3 The Composite Word Code 13

Chapter 4 The Algebraic Principle 23

Chapter 5 Adjacent Letter Swapping 29

Chapter 6 The Number Seven 39

Chapter 7 The Chapter and Verse Code 43

Chapter 8 The Number 400 57

Chapter 9 The Length of the Sacred Cubit 61

Chapter 10 The Number 12068 and what it

Means 81

Chapter 11 God’s Code System 93

Moses and the Ten Code Systems

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