Moses told us that the two tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God. That means Moses did not create the design of the 22 letters on the two tablets. He used the design of the 22 symbols as an alphabet by giving them sound values. The result of his actions was that the Hebrew alphabet was the world’s first alphabet. This alphabet is the first physical evidence we have that a very highly advanced civilization once lived on Earth. This is the first and only book that proves why the Torah is so holy.

Besides the ten code systems of Moses, the author reveals an eleventh code system inserted by God.

Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet, reveals what the Torah really is and by doing so, the surface story disappears entirely. The only part of the surface story that has importance is the Genesis Garden of Eden story of Adam and Eve. The Garden of Eden story told us who were the people who put the technology into the family burial cave. If you read the authors previous book, Moses and the Ten Code Systems, you will learn that the burial cave is located in Mount Sinai and nowhere else. 

Most students in secular universities, as well as religious seminaries are not taught about code systems within ancient writings. Instructors teach the surface history from textbooks that usually do not deviate from the “acceptable theories” of history or archeology. Sometimes a scholar will give one of his or her prize student some clues or hints that there is some code system within a particular work, but this is very rare. More often than not the professor does not know of them either.



The title of this book, Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet does not sound like a physics or computer science book but that is exactly what it is. The Library of Congress indexed the book “Quantum Computing” QA76.889 V64, which is exactly what was discovered. A short explanation is necessary. I am the author of the Theory of Multidimensional Reality, the first information theory of existence. I first developed this theory in 1977 in the book Reality Revealed: the Theory of Multidimensional Reality. This book is the third iteration of the theory. Using this theory, I was able to discover the model that created the 22-letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In case you do not remember what Moses wrote about the two tablets in Exodus 32:16 “And the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God, graven upon the tablets.” Moses was telling us that he did not create the design of the original letters or the sequence of letters on the two tablets. It took me seven years to figure it all out. To be brief, the Torah is a computer program for a light-based quantum computer. What Abraham had found was a deep cave that contained the technology of a very highly-advanced previous civilization.

You can read the complete explanation in the book for FREE, if you are an Amazon Kindle user, for the next 60 days. To be brief, the Hebrew alphabet is based on a modified square wave that represents how an atom comes into this dimension. The red spikes represent our matter world and also Planck’s constant.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Creation of the First Alphabet 1

Chapter 2 The Scientific Foundation of the Hebrew Alphabet 11

Chapter 3 Hebrew Legends of the Alphabet 19

Chapter 4 The Design Formation of the Letters 23 

Chapter 5 Layout of the Symbols on the Tablets 55 

Chapter 6 Converting Vectors to Planes 61 

Chapter 7 What is the Torah? 83 

Chapter 8 Questions of Authorship of the Torah 89 

Chapter 9 Dating the Torah Tablets and the Information 101 

Chapter 10 Conclusion 107 

Appendix A Defining the Eight Dimensions 109 

Hebrew Alphabet

ISBN 9780930808129 (pbk.: alk. paper), 112 pgs.;