Gravitational Mystery Spots of the United States is the first book that scientifically explains the gravitational anomalies found in the United States. The book does this by using the authors Theory of Multidimensional Reality. An Information Theory of Existence. 

This historically important book explains why people and objects get smaller as they approach the center of these vortexes. Find out why it takes greater force to push a weight towards the center of the vortex than away. Find out why trees bend inside the vortex. The author did time experiments in these gravitational anomalies and found that time sped up and sometimes slowed down. The “flow” of time was changing dynamically over time!

Table Of Contents


Traditional Explanation of Gravity 1

Chapter 1 The Test Procedures and the Search 7

Chapter 2 The Oregon Vortex 15

Chapter 3 Confusion Hill 31

Chapter 4 The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz, CA 41

Chapter 5 Magnetic Hill 50

Chapter 6 Theory of Multidimensional Reality 56

Chapter 7 Conclusion 79

Answers of Gravitational Anomalies 79

Mystery Spots